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August 05, 2005



These books are wonderful! So much color and detail and yet the photos are still the stars!

Mary-Kay Tilden

Hey there friend from Dallas CKU-A !!! I just re-found your blog in my list of blogs and thought I'd say HI !!!!! It looks like all is well with you. AND..... YOU HAD PUPPIES!!! Well, not you, but someone did I can see by the pictures. Congrats on Baxter. He looks cute....

I LOVE your work on this post. What great pages!!!!! I would love to take your class, but alas, you are in Texas and I am in San Diego. I hope you are staying cool this summer!

Your friend (smile)


And you have a blog!!!!!!!! Wow LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! These are awesome! I will definately bookmark you so I can visit your wonderful puppies anytime I want!


OMG! [waving at my CKU-A friend!!!} These are incredible!! I love everything. All of it. Especially that fabulous green color against the black and white puppies. WOW. Wow. WOW!!!!

Wendi Speciale are one talented mama! I loveee what you have rock!

Also, i would LOVE to put these pics in our memeber gallery...but i think you already know that;)


Love love love the bag book!!!!

Amanda Barras

Girl you are so talented and you don't even know it!!! :) I love your bag books!!! Of course you alreday know how much I love that picture of your neice by the water! I just wanted to say hello!!!



Just found your blog from Wendi's. Love the paper bag books! What is your formula for putting them together, if you don't mind my asking? I almost picked up a how-to book at Archiver's last week on the subject but decided I had too much in my basket already (Donna D's 2nd book was safely on the bottom of said basket waiting to come home with me) and I put it bag and now they are all sold out-should have known. :(
Thanks for your time and sharing your beautiful books! Licky puppies to have you for a mama!

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