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October 02, 2005



So, so cute!!

Amanda Barras

Baxter! My sweet baby!! You know that I am going to adopt him some day! ;) Love what you did with the doodles!!! They may have been predone, but you still had to arrange them! Too Cute!

Amanda Barras


I am so in love with that chick! love all her Los and her fonts...and now stamps!!! Weee!
also- how cute is that doggie!?


i love 'em, too -- can't wait to get those photo corner ones!

Kelly Edgerton

Man...EVERYONE is doing the Elsie doodle. I have got to get these fonts. This is way cute.


cool! I am sooo happy to see em in use!!!! E


i am constantly amazed at what Elsie comes up with!


I went looking for Elsie's fonts & I've spent waaayyyy to long on the computer looking, do you remember which category they were under? Thanks!


How cute is that!!!!! Jacquie you always inspire me!

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