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October 12, 2005



What an ADORABLE photo!!!!!


Isn't awful what these humans do to us? My mom has made me a clown, a bride and a pumpkin in the past. This year she found an awful police costume complete with a hat that my ears have to go through....the horror of it all. I feel your pain...why won't they just let us chase things, eat and sleep? That's what we do best!

Amanda Barras

Oh Baxter! You are so handsome! You make that HoRriBle costume look like kings's robes!! And your mommy made your LO look like a million bucks!!!!! However, I am voting for Spiderman for next year! :)

Amanda Barras


Baxter, you are the cutest!!!!!! And I love what "she" did with the scrapbook pages!


Oh, Baxter! You poor thing! You still look totally handsome. (Don't worry, I didn't let my dog see your pictures)

Kelly Edgerton

Poor Baxter. He is not enjoying his new attire. But, YAY YOU... it looks like you are having a blast with this get up. Great pages.


your puppy is soo beautiful :) ... doesnt look particularly thrilled, but still beautiful :)

hmm... maybe i should dress up watcher for halloween... hes an 18 yr old kitty... dont think he would be very impressed :)

but i do feel a bnlog entry from him coming on :) thanks for the inspiration!


Baxter does not look like a happy camper. lol... His face just cracks me up. Great layout though!


Well Baxter, I think you look adorable!! :)

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