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February 24, 2006



ROFL!! Thanks for that hilarious trip down memory lane!


I was SO there with ya girl right through each & every one of these stages! TOO FUNNY! I often wonder if we'll ever look back on the work we're doing now and wonder what the heck we were thinking??!!

Melissa B

Wow. I read this and mentally lived each and every one of those stages with you. I think there was an article this month on all those fancy schmansy scissors and how to "reintroduce" them to your scrapbooking. Just as long as I never cut another picture into a heart shape. I too look at some and think what the heck were we thinking.

Ann K

So what's the next trend????? I hope riboon never goes away. I need to sign up for the 12 step program too!


What a great observation! And so RIGHT! I look back to the pages that I did in the CM albums in 1991 and want to be sick! Heart and star shaped PICTURES. WHAT the heck were we thinking!!!? Great post, Jacquie!


Wendy (WendyReedPEA)

Yes it is amazing how we evolve! I LOVE your work girl!



LOVE this post! A truer account of scrapbooking has never been blogged.
I'll have to sign up for your ribbon addiction program, (RAA = Ribbon Addicts Anonymous?). I hardly even use the stuff anymore, but darn it if I don't keep collecting!


love your entry and so true!



Great post! I might have to check out my old pages! LOL


This post cracked me up...I was just thinking of how much my style has changed over the years, but you put it so much more eloquently than I could have ever done...

I've enjoyed reading your blog...guess that means I'm a lurker, but I'm finally posting a reply! :)


Great post! Makes me wanna golook at my first pages. NOT! lol

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