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July 16, 2006


deb munn

Lacey B has the right idea LOL!
Good old thermometer made it up to 104 on the back deck today in Massachusetts. Dang... I really need some trees in this yard! That and Lacey B's kiddie pool filled with ice and a frosty margarita ;)


NE Oklahoma is 103 today. Heat index of 112!

My grown daughter asked me if she had to mow the lawn ..........hmmmmmm NO!

Hope you are staying and not affected by the brown outs.


How cute are your dogs running through the sprinklers??!! Love the pics!! It's 86 degrees here in Houston right now. Looks like some storms are in our area. ((sigh)) If it's not burning up, it's flooding.


It's about 98 here in VA right now with heat index of 105-110.

Donna Moore

Supposed to hit 97 degrees in Louisville, KY today. Uggghh!

Sara Wise

Well not to hot here!! LOL!! I live in Wasilla, Alaska and out hottest has been about 75!

Lacey B

Why can't the forecasters ever be right about a warming trend when it's 32 degrees outside, but they're dead-on-the-money in the summer??? 105 yesterday in the shade (!!!) and 104 today and all the way through Saturday here in lovely El Reno, OK. Blech! I'm going to fill the kiddy pool with ice and just sit in it with a frozen margarita. No other way to deal with this heat! :)


Hi, Today its over 100 here, which is very unusual as Im in the UK and we dont normally get weather this hot. Problem being we dont have AC either so its very uncomfortable



Vermont will have high of 86 today. Better than the last few days :) We have some sprinkles now.

Kathleen Taylor

HOT HOT HOT here! In the Panhandle of West Virginia it is 95 degrees and humid humid humid...No outside for me LOL


The high for today in S. FL is 91 degrees, and the humidity level is at 71%. So its not ONLY hot its pretty darn muggy too!


California. Visiting my daughter in Sacramento 106. And her air conditioning is not lowering the temp below 84 in the house. Gigikay


just checking in again with our temp of 91 today in Vermont :) OUCH.. tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler in the 80's :) LOL

deb munn

Around 2 p.m. the thermometer on my back deck was at 106... Not my state's official temp since it was in the sun, but hotter than I care for!! I'm about 13 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts.


NE Oklahoma was 101 today. We are under an "excessive heat" advisory.

Hope it is cooler where you are!


84 in Massachusetts

Christel Combs

104 here today in good old Phenix City, Alabama

Kimber-Leigh D.

it's supposed to be 108 here today in North Texas. days like today i wish i lived on the north pole!

Robin Olson

Jacquie -

Love the pics of Baxter and Jake!!!! So cool!!
Great class yesterday too!!!!


Supposed to get up to 90, which is pretty hot for North Idaho. It's only 84 right now... and breezy, which helps. No A/C though. I should get bonus points. Cute dogs!

chris jenkins

oh look at the cute doggies!

on my side of the Las Vegas, Nevada valley it hit 118 degrees at one point during the day on Friday and Saturday

it is currently 105 - staying in the AC for sure!

tara pollard pakosta

it's 94 degrees here but the forecast says it feels like 109! man! i am staying in!


What fun!! Our forcast for tomorow is 102. I know on Friday, my truck was parked in the shade and the thermometer for outside temp said 108! I'm in Midland, Texas and even the humidity has been high lately which is something we are not used to.

kathy in st. louis

Hi! It is about 100 here in St. Louis and it will be the high till Friday. But, with the heat index and HUMIDITY, could get up to 115 heat index! A COOL infusion of scrapbook supplies is always welcome!

Ju's SUPER HOT...106 today in Rocklin, CA...just outside of Sacramento. I really need a pool!!!!

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