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July 07, 2006


Ann K

Jacquie, you know you are doing what you need to do and there is nothing wrong with that. You will be welcome with open arms whenever you want to come back and if you decide not too, we will still "heart" you anyway. You are amazingly talented and giving. Don't sell yourself short...take some time for you, you deserve it. (just make time to teach me how to use this camera! :) I am proud that you are my friend!


I'm sorry about what happened with your friend.....true friends would understand when others might come before them. I'm not sure what you're giving up but know that I am here too if you need to "chat". I'm sorry you're going through this.

Mandy Sullivan

Jacquie, sometimes you are the windshild wiper that has to clean the bug guts off of the windshield! I am glad that you aren't at this point. I know what you are going through and I respect your decisions. I can't say that I won't miss ya!! I hope you still find time to hang out!! :) Amanda


First {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}
sounds like you are feeling a little down... I hope things are better soon for you. I hope you will continue to scrapbook. You always do a fabulous job. I am here if you need to vent. Tawnya

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