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August 10, 2007


karen (akaliz)

love your Christmas decorations...that white tree is gorgeous! not to mention your lo's...WOW!

Laura S.

great pages!!


the layouts are gorgeous...I love the red and black and of course, of Brighton, she is a cutie. congrats on your wt loss!

Amanda Barras

I was wondering when I would see you post again! :) As I have said before, congrats on the weight loss, you really look great! Sorry it took such a loss to make it hit home. It is a rotten way to come to a realization. Love the layouts!


You've been popping into my head alot lately and now I know why!! I'm happy you're posting again and shared your thoughts with us. Congrats on the weight loss too, way to go!! Know that I'm still here if you ever need anything. :-)

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