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February 17, 2008


Jessica Kapusinski

You look amazing Jacquie!!!! Now wheres the puppies??? lol
Love Jessica :)

Megan B

Congrats to you Jacquie-- You are beautiful!! :)


Congrats Jacquie! You look amazing. Keep on keepin on!


Good for you Jacquie! That is a big accomplishment and something to be so proud of!


Jacquie, you look fabulous, dahling!!! I am so very proud of your hard work. And I know you are a much healthier person now.
Way to go.


That is fantastic!!!! I love your layouts too,(i spent some time on your blog) gorgeous stuff!

corinne delis

woohoo girl you rock! you look gorgeous btw :) i still find it very hard to do but I will not give uo.



Wow, that's fantastic! A long journey--but your health (and good looks :) ) are worth it. So, how did you accomplish it?

Amanda Barras

You are beautiful at an weight!!! But I am so proud of you for sticking with your diet and exercise!! Hope to see ya Friday!

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