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February 24, 2008



Congrats!! This is soo cool!


Congratulations. That is so cool


sad for me but I am totally thrilled for you. You do awesomely beautiful work...Good pick by Cindee

corinne delis

you so deserve this your stuff rocks!


casey boyd

Congrats Jacquie that is great news!!


Congrats! Good for you!!

Megan B

How cool is that!! :) Soooo excited for you!!


A HUGE CONGRATS to you Jacquie!! I'm really looking forward to working with you and the rest of the team!!


Congratulations. I can't wait to see what you do.

Aleida Franklin

Oh my goodness. I had no idea! No idea. Oh congrats to you. I'm thrilled for you. Blow us away girl, blow us away!

amy adams

Congrats Jacquie!! I just checked out LT website and saw the new team. Had to stop by your blog and check out your work!! Definitely know I am going to like your style!! Can't wait to see what you whip up for LT!!

Deb Wisker

Very cool Jacquie!! I'll have to check them out!Congrats to you!!


Congrats sister. I am so incredibly happy for you. You will rock on this site. I love your work! Lara

Amanda Barras

Yeah!!! I am so thrilled for you! Your layouts are going to "Blow them Away"!!!


joanne (spagirl)

hey jacquie! congrats! i did not realize this was you... i didn't know your last name!! but i recognized those gorgeous poochies!! woo hoo!! looking forward to seeing your work at LT!


CONGRATS!!!!! I am thrilled for you Jacquie, you deserve it. I can't wait to see what you create!

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