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March 06, 2008



What is it about scrapbookers and outlaws. Jesse James, John Wesley Hardin on Amanda's Blog, and our family's infamous outlaw is Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde. What a scary bunch of ancestors. LOL


thanks for the tag....
LOVE the card....
and I love fact #1 since my hubby and I were both band geeks too!!!!!

Amanda Barras

Alright, I have done your bidding! Check out my answers on my blog...

Amanda B


Hmmm....I fold candy or gum wrappers too...and I think I am related to Jesse James also. Go figure. As far as DOOL, well, I kinda still watch it, but I find that one can go quite a while without seeing it and still pickup pretty easily where one left for a year or something. Nice card.

jamie k

I was a band geek too!! and my husband played high school football. the jock married the band geek...go figure huh?


I just drove by a billboard yesterday for KQ that said: We keep our lawyers busy. It cracked me up!

Beautiful card! Love how you did the words.

Amanda Barras

Ok girl! I see your challenge! I will have it up in a day or 2. :)



love the card, love the random facts. Band geeks, too funny. I was a nerd.


You were a DJ! That's so cool!

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