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April 29, 2008



I am awarding you a "I love your blog" You can pick up your graphic at my blog and continue the chain.

I do love your blog!!


Ooops! Posted this in the wrong section. Doh!


Inspiration...I know it's everywhere. I love magazines and idea books. Some of my best inspiration has come from the DT at Studio Calico. They are awesome. So is the gallery there. So many talented people. My latest spot for inspiration is at Papier Valise. Go there: Okay so that is my lengthy inspiration comment. I have never won a RAK before so unashamedly I am adding...PICK ME! :-)

Melanie S.

OK-I admit it I'm a lurker. But, this is one of my favorite blogs by far. Love the layouts-you are so creative.


Jacquie, did you read "Eat, shoots & leaves". You'll love it!

Aleida Franklin

Ha, okay, please don't go to my blog because you will be correcting my bad grammar and typos. It would drive you nuts.

Amanda Barras

Oh there are some good ones out there! I wish I had gotten a picture of the sign in Lychburg, TN for the car dealer that said "Free bible with purchase"!!


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