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May 19, 2008



How many times did we practice that little hand wave gesture they did in there videos?! LOL Wish I couldv'e gone with about the blast from the past!

Ann K

Rock On Jacquie!

Aleida Franklin

Wow you look fabulous. Sounds like you had one hell of a time.

Amanda Barras

Wow! Take it easy there sister! You may have a concussion! I might need to do a head CT on you to make sure you are safe! LOL! I am so glad you got to go be nostalgic! Sounds like a great time!



Oh man...I remember the 80's MTV and ZZ Top videos. The fuzzy cars and lots of hair. Memories! I am glad you had a great time despite a bit of elbowing!


Sounds like a really good time (other than getting hit in the head). ZZ is my dad's all time favorite band and we grew up to them cranking through the house every Sunday morning when he worked out, so needless to say, I'm a fan. :)

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