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May 01, 2008


Melissa Bailey

Hi there!

What a haul! I usually go to you for inspiration! But now you are in building one. :-( So Tim has to do,

Love ya!

Amanda Barras

Ok, I updated my blog with a new layout! There is yellow and really bright colors! I am also looking for title help. So go check it out!


Lisa K in TX

LOVE her blog especially on Wednesdays for a great color combo is her blog... go back through her archives and check out her Wed posts! THanks! Lisa K in TX


wow!! what an awesome rak! as for inspiration, i find TONS over at SIStv...but this chick:
is just fabulous! always has "out of the box" pages and ideas. she rocks

good luck picking the winner! :))

emily (justem)

Okay I'll try for this :)

Here is one of my favorite stores...I find lots of inspiration there!


I just found your blog! I'm bookmarking so I can visit again :)


What a RAK!

How about my challenge blog?

Great idea for inspiration. :)

Stephanie P

I get lots of inspiraton from catalogs and magazines but I also love
Steph P


Wow Jacquie! What a great RAK! My inspiration comes from fun blogs like yours and magazine ads!

Christine L.

Love your blog. I always love looking at different mags for inspo. Not just scrap mags but design mags as well. Love to look at all of the ads and how color combos are used.


I saw your link from Studio Calico - great blog, great inspirations, will visit here more often! Thanks!

Laura Stewart

Here is something that really inspired me lately! I can't get over how cool this is. Check it out.

Barb N.

Happy NSD, Jacquie!
I found your blog through Studio Calico.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is actually the Pottery Barn catalog. I love the patterns on their fabrics and really love the arrangements of photographs and other odds and ends on walls. They make for great sketch inspirations.

Vanessa DeLisio (danzer53)

hey jacquie! ive been reading your blog since the valentines day swap! i really love everything you make. i get inspiration for artsy and gift websites. heres one i really love..the colors and shapes just pop out at me...

happy scrapping!


Just found my way here, ny gosh you create fantastic stuff!!!
Adding you to my favorite list!!


Oooh, what a fabulous RAK! I am a new reader, but I'll definitely be back!! My bff has a blog that's great fro inspiration--see it here:

Sarah K

I'm new to your blog. I just discovered your link over on Studio Calico, which is always a huge source of inspiration for me. I also find inspiration to be a better photographer and to enjoy all the good moments in life here:

Amanda Barras

Ok, here is some scrappy inspiration:
I met Wilna at SE in Nashville and you would love her!



Hi, it's my first time visiting your blog - found you on your thread on SC. That RAK looks awesome. Love your pages! Here's a few sites that always inpire me:


I've been here a couple of times...found you on SC. I try and find inspiration in the everyday stuff - kids clothes, ads,tags, magazines. I really like the poppytalk blog too.
Hope you have a fantastic NSD!

Katarina Florance

This is such a cool giveaway!

O.k. This is my first time on your site...I spotted you at studio calico (which means we already have something in common.

Here's a site that inspires me. Not scrapbooking...but it gives me scrapbook ideas and lots of cool thoughts. (and he has a link to his blog on there that's pretty cool too)

Erin M

This was new to me:

I also like the Pencil Lines sketches:

First time at your blog--love your layouts!

corrie c

Hi! I'm a first time reader from Studio Calico. I am one who gets inspired from reading/seeing other blogs and projects. This blog here really inspires me:


I'm a big lurker (insert red face). Love your work!!!!! Love this place

Happy NSD : )

Aleida Franklin

Used to be a lurker and now I post and follow you at SC and LT. ;)

My favs are:

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