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July 29, 2008


Melanie S.

I don't have anything to share-but I love your organizing. I wish I had a container store near me. Do did a great job!

I always wanted to organize by color-just can't get myself to do it...yet!

Alecia Castro

Oh WOW, some totally cool ideas here, thanks or posting. LOVE seeing everything sorted by color, which is what I want to do with my embellies too!!


WOW, it looks really nice! I love what you did with it. As for the PP overload, you can JUST send some to MN! LOL

Holly Hanks

Wow. To have the money to hire someone to organize your craft room! Now that is a dream come true! Wish I could afford that...I need it...desperately. I don't have any great organization tips. Obviously, or I wouldn't have the heaping mess in my craft room that I do. I have a fun organization tip, though. I bought one of those old wooden soda crates (there are a lot on eBay), and use it to store my acrylic paints in. You can see a picture of my room here:

The soda crate is on top of the table with all of the bright colors inside. ;0)

Debbie C

Wow! I am loving all of your clear storage, especially the spice rack and the button thingy. I am a very visual person also. I need to see my things! Here is a link I peruse for ideas. Actually it links to many scraproom ideas so you have to click on each one to see it. Have fun!


I too started to clean and purge some months ago - I did some.....and then got side tracked since I was trying to finish up projects that I found that weren't done. That totally derailed me. I sent three pizza size boxes to my sister full of items and two boxes to my good friend, but I still have alot to purge. I have some pictures on my twopeas site, but not much help at this time. Loving what I'm seeing so far though! I might just keep organizing with you!



So, it is so funny... I just did this... and it feels great! I don't have a room, just a space, but it is now organized. I have some pics on my blog too. Before and After... The paper thing is a problem for me too. I have to be able to see it or I forget what I have. As I don't have the money to hire someone either, I went to target. Here's the link to my blog...

Shaun Paddock

Your room is looking great! My room is currently in our rec room which is 51ftx14ft. It is a very big room. We recently moved my husbands office downstairs into the dining room so I am going to move to where he was in the rec room. Anyway, I need ideas as well. Do your acrylic drawers come out easily? I have been looking at tilt bins to put embellishments in. I have been collecting scrap space ideas and here are a few links...

These are a few awesome spaces that I am looking at. I hope this helps and I cannot wait to see the rest of your space.

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