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October 13, 2008



Wow, Girl! When you are on a roll, you are ON A ROLL! Gorgeous work that is definitely worth losing a little sleep over. YOU ROCK!


Christi Snow

Congratulations, on your new puppies.

WOW! that collage is amazing!!!!

Wendy Reed

HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..... girl... your framed piece is GA-orgeous! You rocked it man. Those little pups are so adorable too. :)


Holly Hanks

Okay. So, let me just send you my address, and you can pop that pretty little butterfly collage in the mail to me. LOL! I kid... sort of. ;0) And, just look at those wriggly, furry bundles. I just want to give 'em a squeeze! Congrats, Jacquie... and momma Belle!


Oh wow!! Love that picture of mama and babies. Your butterfly collage is awesome! And online shopping keeps me awake at night too when I'm nursing the baby. Dunno if I should be doing that since I have absolutely no willpower at 3am! hehe


OMG those pups are absolutely gorgeous and your projects quite stunning. Nice work for being up late and being tired.


Elisa Nishimura

The butterfly collage is stunning! Love it!

Congratulations to Mama Belle.


lovely babies she had....


Oh those pups are darling! And I so love the frame too!

Susan Beth Breuner

Beautiful projects and super cute pupies!


What a sweet mama and her lovely puppies, very exciting and well worth no sleep!
Great project, it's so beautiful!!

Lauri {Scrap Attack}

Congrats on the puppies, they are beautiful!! And I love what you made during your "mommy duty!" very pretty too!

Terri L

Congratulations on the puppies!! They are adorable! And the card and other item you made are simply gorgeous!!


They are beautiful- I have a soft spot for English Springers they are fantastic loyal breed.
Great butterfly project too.

Heather Prins

Oh my you have been busy!! I love the collage!!!! But I love the puppies!!!!!!!!!!


Fabulous projects!! So inspiring..You did a wonderful job with your butterfly collage!

Christie Wildes

Awwwwwwww - those pups are adorable!!!

I want one!!! :)



that butterfly frame is amazing!!! So beautiful!! and the pups look adorable too.


I love the little dots in your frame. Pretty accent. And CUTE PUPPIES!! :) Congratulations! :D

Karen Lambert

I would say that both you and Belle were very productive that night. And both produced beautiful works of art.



Belle's babies are so sweet and darling.

Love the butterfly frame. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your work!


congrats!! they are sooo cute :)
and omg! I love that frame!!


Now that was well worth losing sleep over! Congratulations! What beauties!

BTW...I love your project and card, too.

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