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March 29, 2009


Jennifer Stewart

Jacquie, I'm so so sorry for your loss. I know how special Austin was to you. {{{{big hugs}}}}



oh girl, this breaks my heart. I was just talking to a friend of mine today. His dog is getting really old and here's this big old tough guy who, quite frankly, won't know what to do without her. I know your pain I have been there...I am so glad you have his children and grandchildren beside you, to always remind you of the amazing joy he brought to your life.

I have to go kiss all of my dogs right now.
and hug them and remind them how amazing and wonderful and joyous they make my life.



I am so sorry for your pain. What a well love pup. I can't imagine the day without my love. Prayers for you and those Austin gave much joy to.


so sorry for your loss!!! :( your pages are super sweet.

Deanna Kroll

Jacquie, I am so sorry about your loss. I know how hard it can be to lose a pet, because they really do become such a big part of our lives and our family. My heart goes out to you. God bless you and your family during this time, and may the good memories of Austin comfort your days to come.


Ohhh. I'm sitting here at my office, crying. I'm SO sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. We lost our beloved kato... who was 13 1/2... and the most loving dog we could ever conceive. I held him as he drew his last breath... and I felt like my heart was ripped from my chest. That was 1 1/2 year ago. I want you to know that we went and got ourselves a beautiful little puggle last year... and he's filled a piece of our heart. He doesn't replace Kato... but he's gone to that place in our hearts that is reserved for our dog companions. Hold on. It will get better. I'm sending you huge cyber hugs and prayers, that you'll feel lighter soon, and not so sad. Your puppy looked so very very sweet.



wishing you lots of strength...


So very sorry for your loss.


So sorry for your loss!

amy a.

My heart goes out to you Jacquie. What a lovely tribute to Austin. Sending many warm thoughts and hugs your way. I too have an aging canine companion and I can only imagine the feeling of loss at this time. Your words and thoughts about Austin have touched me.

kim smart

Just wanted to say how sorry I am and that I know that all your wonderful memories of Austin will comfort you at the end of the day. Pets truly are angels here on earth to comfort us and love us unconditionally. Take care and God bless.

Ann K

Jacquie, What wonderful memories! I remeber some these LO's too. You know Austin will always be with you in your heart and how wonderful you have his children and grandchildren with you to keep his spirit near. Let me know if I can do anything.

april foster

oh, jacquie, i'm so sorry. I think about my dogs and not having them forever and it makes me so sad. Until we got addy (my first house-dog) i didn't know how much someone could love an animal. I can only imagine how you feel right now, but it's good that you have his offspring to comfort you


What a touching tribute to your sweet friend. He was a kind and loving dog and I know that you will miss him, but think about how much love and gentleness he brought to your home, family and the breed. {{HUGS}} to you! Love you guys!

Anne Washington

I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful love he was and how blessed you are to have experienced him and he you. I know how it feels. Take care.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Austin is just beautiful. Sending hugs your way.

Amy Coose

Oh, Jacquie, my heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Your post was so beautiful, and I can see how much he meant to you.


I'm so sorry to hear about Austin. Thanks for sharing about who he was and sharing those layouts.


aww I am so sorry for your loss, I know how very hard it is. Big hugs to you!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

I'm heartbroken for you, and I know my time is coming to sit where you do know. I know I won't handle it well at all. But if they should live as long as humans, how would I ever part with him after 70 some years?

Chris Dodaj

Jacquie, I'm so very sorry about your beloved Austin. He was beautiful. Your layouts are just so touching and lovely.
(( big hugs ))



thinking of you my sweet friend... :(


What wonderful memories you have recorded of Austin - I am very sorry for your loss.


I cry with and for you. I know how my 4 legged children enhance my life and can only imagine your loss. You are in my thoughts. You have immortalized him very well in this post and also the beautiful layouts you have shared here. You are in my thoughts.

Kelly R

What a beautiful tribute to your beloved friend.

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