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March 05, 2009



Beautiful pages! Thanks for sharing


ok oh my gosh gorgeous page!! love all the details and the whole vintage feel!!! beautiful


Wonderful layouts. I you did a fantastic job with the G45!


I just love the peeks, you always do such fabulous work. Austin is such a gorgeous dog. But I do know how you feel. Mine are not show dogs, but they mean the world to me. Every day is another day filled with unquestionable love and happiness because of them.

I love your post about his birthday. Love it so much.


loving the rich color of this!! beautiful!!


I saw this on SC and fell in love with it! You did such a great job! OMGosh the man in brown just pulled up!!!!!


Beautiful layout!! I just love that Graphic 45..
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa DIckinson

wow stunning pages! i love the bit of stitching, too!


this is so beautiful! so much dimension. It's really lovely in color, and the picture is wonderful!

Megan B

Beautiful layout Jacquie~!! :)


This is beautiful! Love the rich colors and the black and white photo!


Beautiful. Glad to hear Crystal is doing better.

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