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August 25, 2009


Holly Hanks

Glad to see you're back, Jacquie! I love your page you did. I can't believe it has been that hot this summer... really DOESN'T make me miss Dallas. ;0)


Great layout and such a cute puppy!!


adorable layout! Looks like like you dogs had fun in the surf!


Can you move that weather up to MN? I would take a bit of it before the snow flies. Awesome layout. Love the photos, colors...everything!

Amy Coose

What an adorable pup, and love the LO.

Mary Jo

I love your layout and great photos! =)


Love your photos and layout! 65 days?! Yikes.

Jen Martakis

Such cute photos!! Love the layout, the bright colors just draw you in. :)


65 days?! Holy COW! You know, this is only my 2nd summer here, and last year there were LOTS of over 100 days too, and people kept telling me that it was SO abnormal for here. LOL. I didn't believe them. :-p I love the heat. I can't imagine there only being 11 days over 100. That just sounds unreal to me now! And though I like the heat, I miss wearing my sweaters! LOL. Hope you're well! Sounds like you've had a good summer!

Pamela Young

Great pics! And I love your layout! :)

Amy Tara Koeppel

Your new puppy is a cutie! Love your layout too! Have a wonderful day! Amy Tara

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