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January 11, 2011


lisa truesdell

loving all of the details!


That is so pretty! Are you going to use these for Valentine's gifts? I am curious about what else you do for the holiday of love. :)

Becky G.

This is beautiful! I love your style!


So pretty!Love the layers!

Diane Payne

Gorgeous! I love all your little bits in it!

Amy Coose

Amazing layering, Jacquie! I lvoe this.

Margareta at Paper Pile Kitten

So pretty!! Thank you for sharing.


Such a good idea! So much better than the dollar store bags I usually use... Have to try this :)

Lexi Bridges

just checking your blog out for the first time--and so funny b/vc I am making a gift bag for May Arts blog! I love the shabby chic style, but can not do it---looks like you have it DOWN!! Beautiful projects here!

mary pat

this is so pretty--great job!

Lara Carson

this is lovely! I love the layering!

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