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February 21, 2011



ooops I ment YOUR BLOG.


These tags are beautiful. Thank you for sharing you blog w/ me.

sasha farina

i like the chocolate idea.. but i want candy corn. :P those are beautiful!


These are adorable! I have never seen the little bags before.




Those are so sweet I love them!


wow, those are awesome, love them!! :)


These are beautiful! Sell them on Etsy, girl!

Renee C

Beautifully done. These bags are ART!

Becky G

Love these! What is it about a brown paper sack all decorated up that gets my heart a racing? Great job :)

elise lindsey

These are SO cute! Love the color combos!


THese are so pretty! Love those bags instead of envies.Make a minibook with them byt stacking a few up sew together I bet it'd be cute.

Tammy D

This are really fun! I love how you've embellished the fronts. They would be great to put on presents and gift bags. :)

Lisa Dickinson

These are just adorable! i love the idea of a little bag rather than an envelope and you've adorned these in such a perfectly vintage fresh way!

Lara Carson

so adorable and fun! Great idea! Could be sent as invitations

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